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eGift Cards in Counterpoint


eGift Cards are an important part of online retail, and as such understanding how they work is an important part of running an online business. In this article we'll talk about how egift cards work in Counterpoint, and how you can view your egift cards inside of Counterpoint.

How do eGift Cards Work?

Before we continue, we should note that setting up eGift Cards doesn't only take place in Counterpoint, and requires that work be done in your ecommerce platform, as well as whichever email sending service you use. That part of the process varies based on which platform you're using, and if you're unsure about what needs to be done please get in touch with either your project manager, or Modern Retail support. 

eGift Cards can be set up as products in Counterpoint, or in your ecommerce platform; whichever is easier for you.

Once egift cards are enabled for your online store, any egift cards sold will be imported into Counterpoint as a Gift Card transaction in your POS system. An email will be sent from your email sending service to the person purchasing the egift card, and the egift card will be created in Counterpoint as a ticket (as well as in the Modern Retail Admin Panel, as a gift card). 

You can view the egift card in Counterpoint under  System > Gift Cards. If you go to the Edit Gift Card option in Counterpoint, you can view more information on that egift card:


If you look at the Document Number highlighted in the above image, you can see the value "143310-GIFTCARD". This is the ticket number for this specific egift card; you can look to this field for any egift card you sell to find the ticket number for that egift card.

Entering that ticket number in the Counterpoint Ticket History page (Sales History > Views > Ticket History) will find the ticket details for the egift card sale, pictured below.


If you have additional questions on this topic, please feel free to get in touch with a support request.