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Customer Addresses


The Customer page in the Modern Retail Admin Panel shows you a list of all the customers that have placed orders through your site. You can use this list to view the billing & shipping addresses of your customers, as well as other relevant information. This article will talk about how we handle customer addresses, and how you can easily view them.


The Admin Panel collects addresses from any orders coming through the system. If t he same customer places an order with one address, and then another order with a different address, the Admin Panel will collect & list both under that customer's name in the Admin Panel. Customers are identified primarily by their email address (this is what defines one customer from another in our system). 

You can view addresses by going to the Customers page in the Admin Panel, and then clicking on the name of the relevant customer.


Clicking on a customer's name will bring up the email address they're associated with, and any billing or shipping addresses associated with that email. 


By default only the most recent address in each category is shown; you can click on the small black arrow next to the first line of each address to expand or collapse an address.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to submit a support request.