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Missing Product Variants


On certain occasions, you may notice products with variants showing up in Shopify without any variants. This article will discuss the likely cause of this error, and how to rectify it.

Product Variant Issues

The likely cause for this problem is that the products with missing variants were enabled for e-commerce in CounterPoint before they had grids (or variants) assigned to them. When these products were translated over to Shopify, they were carried over as simple products, rather than variants. We can guarantee this is the cause of the issue when the parent product comes over with no variants.

Once a product is created in Shopify, the integration is unable to change the number of options; so when a variants or a "grid" are added to a product later, the new variations won't be added to the existing Shopify product. 

The Solution

First, any Shopify Products created without their variants (or with different variants) need to be deleted from Shopify. (If you want, you could also be manually edited in Shopify to add the missing options). Then, after deleting or editing those products, the obsolete parent products need to be deleted from our tables, and the product creation errors need to be cleared. Modern Retail can provide this service upon request. 

Then, after we've cleared the errors, any deleted Shopify Products need to be reset.

If you believe this issue is affecting you, please submit a support request so we can get to fixing it ASAP.