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Upload & Update Frequency


The Modern Retail Integrator has a lot of moving parts, and Epicor Eagle & Shopify aren't any more simple. This article will talk about how the Integrator handles updating information on your site, and the schedule that it follows.

When Do Updates Occur? 

There are 3 sides to the integration, each with it's own independent scheduling.

On the Eagle side there are Compass reports being uploaded to the FTP site, and order files being checked for on FTP. The schedule for this is defined on you, the client's side, based on how frequently files are uploaded and orders are downloaded.

We check periodically for new product and customer files on the FTP site. We check 4 times per hour for products, and on an hourly schedule for customers. These jobs are added to a job queue and processed along with all the other jobs in the job queue. The exact timing of when the new job comes to the top of the queue and is processed is variable, but it generally doesn't take very long.

We check for new orders to write to the FTP site on the same schedule, 4 times per hour.

On the Shopify side, we check for inventory updates to send to Shopify 4x per hour, so it should be closer in sync with updates we may have saved from the FTP site. We check for price changes to send on an hourly schedule. This used to be bundled with inventory updates as an "update" task, but separating the two allows us to prioritize inventory changes. 

We check for new and updated orders as part of the inventory process, so that allocation can be up to date. These means orders ready to write to the FTP site are updated 4 times every hour.

The scheduling for these tasks on the Shopify side work in the same way as the Epicor Eagle tasks described above.

If you have further questions, please feel free to get in touch with a Support Request.