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Customers in Lightspeed


Lightspeed requires that individual customers are defined, which may leave you curious about how customers on your ecommerce platform will be handled. This article will cover how our integrator handles this, and how it affects you.

Lightspeed Customers

Our middleware stores all your customers flowing through Lightspeed. Before an order is sent from your ecommerce platform to Lightspeed, we get a Lightspeed Customer ID to attach to the order.  Our system first checks to see if the email addressed used for the order is already used by an existing customer in Lightspeed. If so, we use that customer's customer ID for the order. If a brand new customer (or a customer who hadn't previously registered their email address) makes an order, then a new ID is created in Lightspeed associated with that customer. 

After an initial order, a customer will always be matched to their appropriate ID, whether it was just created, or already in the system. 

You can view a list of Customer IDs in the Admin Panel by heading to the Customers menu, which shows a list of everyone who has made an order on your site.


Alternatively, you can also see this information on the Orders screen. Click on the Order ID for a given order to pull up additional information, including customer ID.


If you have any further questions, please feel free to submit a support request.