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How Will Orders Display?


How do sales come through on the lightspeed end of things? Is it labeled by store when it’s a ship from store? Is it labeled by store when it's a pickup instore sale?


We set the following fields in Lightspeed with an order.

  • SHOP – This is the location where the order was shipped from (aka Ship From Store), picked up from (aka In-Store Pickup) or delivered from (aka Local Delivery).  This tells Lightspeed to decrement the inventory from that specific location.  Of course, we’re getting inventory for all your stores, which makes these features possible.
  • REGISTER – Registers are unique IDs that are assigned to Shops.
  • EMPLOYEE – Can be used in all locations.  We would recommend setting up an employee called “Website” or something similar to specify it came from your website.
  • REFERENCE SOURCE – Set to “Website”.

We don’t do anything today to specify if the order is In-Store Pickup, Local Delivery or Shipping.  That information is all located & easily accessible in the Modern Retail Admin Panel.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to submit a support request.