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Gift Cards


One of the many popular B2C features Modern Retail offers for our Epicor Eagle clients is Gift Card functionality. This article will go over the specifics of how Gift Cards work for Epicor Eagle integration projects.


The Basics

Gift cards are a popular way of creating new revenue for your business. While gift cards themselves are a simple concept, when you consider the realities of ecommerce they can become complicated. Making sure that gift cards purchased online will work in your physical locations, and vice versa, is a hefty task. Luckily, our Gift Card Integration feature is more than up to the challenge.

We'll get into the specifics further down in this article, but our gift card integration works flawlessly with your Epicor Eagle POS system, allowing you to sell gift cards online that customers can redeem in store. As soon as a customer purchases a gift card from your site, it'll be created in your Epicor Eagle system. From there, they'll be able to redeem their gift card in store or online. You'll also be able to monitor all the information about the gift cards you sell from within the Modern Retail Admin Panel.

Selling Gift Cards

With our Gift Card Integration enabled, gift cards are sold like any other product in your catalog. They can be created in whatever denomination you prefer, and options for gift card redemption can be added at multiple stages of your site's checkout process. 

Customers purchasing gift cards off your site will receive an email with their gift card number for online redemption & a barcode so they have the option to print the email out for physical redemption. You can customize and control the email template used to inform customers of their gift card, and resend that email to any given customer with the click of a button.

All the Data, All the Time

One of the key features for our gift card integration is the ability to keep track of each and every gift card sold from your online store. The Modern Retail Admin Panel has a handy "Usage" page, which shows large-scale information about how many gift cards you have out in the world, as well as any recent uses of those gift cards.


The Admin Panel also has pages dedicated to showing every gift card you've ever sold, allowing you to sort through your sold gift cards. We track the Gift Card Number, Value, Order #ID, and the name & email address of the purchaser. The Modern Retail Admin Panel UI also allows you to sort by this information, so you can search for gift cards purchased by a specific customer, or see all gift cards worth a certain amount. Even more importantly, you can see how much money is left on a given gift card.

Security Features

On top of all the data tracking described above, we also offer two important security features for gift cards. The first, Auto Generation Mask, allows you to customize your gift card codes.


You can control how your gift card codes are generated, down to each individual digit. Asterisks indicate digits you want to be randomized, while any other symbol will remain consistent for your gift cards.

The other primary security feature we offer is gift card PINs. PIN codes add an extra layer of security to your gift cards, helping to prevent potential fraud.


You can enable or disable gift card PINs at will, although we recommend leaving them enabled.