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Gift Cards with Epicor & Shopify


Gift Card support is an important feature we commonly provide for our clients. We happily support Gift Card functionalities with Epicor Eagle & Shopify, but there's a small condition to this. We'll briefly go over what this condition is in this article.

Using Gift Cards in Shopify

While we can (and do!) support Gift Cards for Epicor Eagle & Shopify integrations, a quirk of the Shopify platform is that not all Shopify plans work with gift cards. Shopify requires that you use their enterprise level plan, Shopify Plus, for gift cards that work both online and in-store. Lower level Shopify plans allow for Shopify-specific gift cards, but not Gift Cards that function for both your physical locations and online store. 

If you have further questions about Gift Cards and Epicor Eagle, please feel free to submit a support request.