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Setting Up an Email Sending Service


In order to set up In-Store & Curbside Pickup, you'll need an email sending service. Email sending services are used to automate the sending of important emails to customers, and are integral for many of Modern Retail's advanced integration features. We currently work with two email sending services: SendGrid, which is the service we recommend our clients use, and Mandrill. This article will talk about how to set these services up.

Setting up SendGrid

Setting SendGrid up as your email sending service is the easiest way to handle email sending. All we ask is that you create an account with SendGrid, and set Modern Retail up as a user. You can create an account with SendGrid from their website, here. You can see guidelines on setting up a user for Modern Retail in their support system, specifically this page

We'll ask that you use the email address associated with your Modern Retail integration for the new SendGrid user. This likely looks something like "", or "". If you're not sure which address to use, consult with your Modern Retail Project Manager. The username should be set to ModernRetail, and the password should be something suiting the security standards your business uses. Once the user has been successfully created, send us the login credentials.

And that's it! Modern Retail will take care of the rest of the SendGrid set up. We'll connect SendGrid with your integration, and let you know how the actual emails being sent should be set up. 

Setting Up Mandrill

This page from Mandrill has a direct set of steps for set up. Be aware that this will require updating your domain's DNS settings; you can see instructions on this here

Once your setup is complete, you'll need to send Modern Retail some key information, namely

  • The API Key used in Mandrill
  • The "From" email name, for example "Customer Service"
  • The sending email, for example ""

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us with a Support Request.