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Beginning your ERPLY Project


Once you decide to start your ERPLY project with us, Modern Retail will get in touch in order to begin proceedings for your integration project. This article will talk a little bit about what that looks like, and why we do things this way for ERPLY integrations.

Starting Your Project

Because ERPLY is a more complicated integration than other POS/ERP systems we work with, we do not use our streamlined onboarding process for ERPLY projects. Instead, a professional from Modern Retail will get in touch with you directly. You'll quickly be set up with a Modern Retail project manager, an experienced member of our team who'll be with you every step of the way on your integration journey.

What happens after that depends on your business; we work to make sure every project we do suits our clients. If you have further questions, wait until Modern Retail gets in touch; we'll be able to answer anything you're curious about.