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Re-Sending Gift Card Emails


eGift cards are delivered to the customer with an email, sent by an email sending service that we've integrated with the Admin Panel and your website. Sometimes customers may accidentally delete a gift card email, or something may get lost in a spam filter, or any number of eventualities. This article will explain how to re-send a gift card email to the purchaser of that gift card.

Resending Emails

You can resend egift card emails from the Purchased page in the Gift Card section in the Admin Panel left hand menu.


This menu shows a list of all the gift cards you've sold on your website, searchable by the name of the purchaser, the date purchased, and more. Click on the Resend Email button for the specific customer you want to resend the gift card email for, and you're done!


If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch with Modern Retail Support.