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Sending eGift Card Emails


In order to send egift card activation messages, you will have to subscribe to an email sending service. Our system supports a service called SendGrid. This article will talk a little more about SendGrid, and what we need from you to make egift card activation messages work.

What's SendGrid?

SendGrid is the primary email sending service we work with, and the #1 service we recommend our clients use. Our technology natively supports SendGrid, so setting their services up with our integrations is simple and easy. 

We also like SendGrid because they offer a variety of pricing plans for businesses of all sizes; you can learn more about their pricing structure here.

eGift Card Emails

Once we have your email sending service settled, we'll need a couple things for your egift card emails. First, we'll need a copy of your logo & color codes for the transactional email styling. That might sound confusing; a more basic way of putting it is we'll need to know the color codes for the color scheme you want to use for the emails. Most businesses generally use the same colors that make up their website. 

We'll also need the written content you want included in the email. This should tell the customer that this is their egift card, and include the name of your store. 

For more information on this topic, please feel free to contact Modern Retail Support.