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Windward System Five API Access


The last set of information we need for the Windward half of your project consists of your API credentials. We'll need a working set of credentials to access your Windward System Five API in order to further work on your integration; this article will describe what those are, and why we need them.

API Credentials

"API" stands for Applicated Programming Interface. APIs are a way of letting different programs interact with each other. In order for our Integration to work with your Windward System Five installation, we'll need access to your Windward System Five, allowing the two programs to "work" together.

We'll need four pieces of information, and one answer to a yes or no question.

  1.  Your System Five API Address
  2. An API Username
  3. An API Password
  4. A Port Number

And lastly to know if your API uses HTTPS.

Additionally, you must be on Windward System Five version or later in order for everything to work. If you're not sure how to provide any of the information listed above, Windward support will be able to help.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch with your Project Manager using the messaging feature in the Onboarding Center.