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Windward System Five Order Information


In order to work on your integration, we'll need to know a few things about how you handle orders. All of this information should be in your Windward System Five installation, and if you're not sure of how to answer, you can get in touch with Windward Support for help. This article will go over what we're asking you for, and why we need it.

What Do We Need?

The first few things we need for this part of the onboarding process are the "Invoice Salesman ID", the "Inventory Department ID", and which "Invoice Type" you use. The first two IDs are used to figure out how orders should be assigned. The Invoice Type is typically "C type"; they go to Windward as completed sales. 

If you're using an invoice sub-type we'll need to know the ID for the sub-type you use. 

Lastly, we'll need to know which partUnique  ID needs to be used for the shipping amount.

Why Do We Need It?

All of this information determines how Orders are processed & assigned. Without all this, or with incorrect information, orders would not flow correctly through the Integration. Please make sure that the information you're entering is accurate, and if you're unsure of anything we recommend getting in contact with Windward Support. 
If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch with your Project Manager using the messaging feature in the Onboarding Center.