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Product Variant Limits


Product variants, or product variations, refer to the variations of your products that you sell. A shirt you sell in different colors and sizes, for example, might have a Large Red variant, a Small Blue variant, etc. BigCommerce has a limit of 600 on the total number of product variations a single product can have. This article will dive into greater detail on what this means for your business.

Product Variant Limits

As described above, a product variant or product variation refers to a version of one of your products with multiple options. Often these variations are based on attributes like size, color, or material, but they can really be whatever they have to be in order to accurately represent your products. BigCommerce is fairly versatile in how you can set up these variations, pictured below (Note the top left corner of the above image, which states how many options and variants exist for this product):


The above product has 2 options with different choices: Size and color. A customer could order this example product in red, green, or blue colors, and in small, medium, or large sizes. This means there are 9 variations:

  1. Small & Red
  2. Small & Green
  3. Small & Blue
  4. Medium & Red
  5. Medium & Green
  6. Medium & Blue
  7. Large & Red
  8. Large & Green
  9. Large & Blue.

While this does allow a large degree of customization, it's important to note that there are limits. BigCommerce only supports 600 potential variants per product, meaning you cannot configure your product options in such a way that there are 600 or less total variations for a product. This is a fairly large number, however we recommend keeping it in mind, especially if you offer products with a large number of options.

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