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"GUID", or "Globally Unique Identifier" (sometimes referred to as UUID, or Universally Unique Identifier) refers to a unique ID used to identify a piece of data. Every product in your system has a GUID that marks it as a unique entity, separate from any other item in your system. RICS uses GUIDs a little differently from other POS systems; we'll talk about the differences in this article.

What's Different?

The main difference between RICS and other POS systems (as they pertain to GUIDs) is that RICS allows you to change GUIDs. This, for those not in the know, is very strange! Generally speaking GUIDs are fixed identifiers that cannot be changed. 

We do not recommend changing GUIDs for your products. Doing so will result in your ecommerce platform being unable to find products with altered GUIDs. If you absolutely must change a GUID for some reason, you'll have to also change the SKU for that product in your ecommerce platform to match the new GUID. You can also ask Modern Retail to perform this service for you, at our usual rates for additional services.

If you have any questions about this, or if you want Modern Retail to perform the service described above, please get in touch with us via a support request.