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Depending on how your business operates, you may want to use Modern Retail's Local Delivery feature, but without having your own personal delivery service. To that end, Modern Retail can connect you with a variety of different third party businesses to handle your deliveries. One of these businesses is Zifty, a Georgia based company that acts as a web-based delivery service. This article will go into greater detail about what Zifty does, and how they operate.


What does Zifty Deliver?

Zifty delivers a variety of goods, however they primarily deal with food, drinks, and small scale home goods, along with miscellaneous other items in that general size class. In certain states Zifty may also deliver alcoholic beverages (depending on local legislation.)

How does Zifty Work?

Zifty works in much the same way as any other web based delivery service. Zifty hires drivers as contractors in order to make deliveries in their local area, using modern technology to quickly coordinate drivers & deliveries. Customers are able to track their deliveries, and are notified when their driver has reached their location. With our Local Delivery integration, orders would flow from your website to the Admin Panel, and from there down to Zifty. 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to either get in touch with Modern Retail or check out Zifty's FAQ page.