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Configuring Orders & Products


After we've established the connection between your POS system, the Integrator, and your ecommerce platform, we'll have to configure the data from your POS system for your ecommerce platform. This article will briefly go over what we're doing for this step, and what it means for your project.

Configuring Order & Product Data

All the product data stored in your POS system doesn't start out as compatible with your ecommerce platform. Instead, Modern Retail will retrieve this data, and configure it so it can be interpreted and used by your ecommerce platform. The specifics of this vary by which platform you're using, so we won't get into the technical side of things here. Regardless though, Modern Retail will take care of your data all on our own; you don't have to worry about a thing.

If you have further questions about this step in the process, or about any other aspect of your project, please feel free to get in touch with your Modern Retail project manager.