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Setting a Return Store


When returns happen, the inventory shifted as a result of that order has to be reassigned to a new location after the return occurs. Some clients find it helpful to make sure that returned inventory is automatically assigned to one of their real world stores, rather than Runit's internal webstore. This article will provide more detail about how that works, and how you should tell us where you want inventory assigned to.

Why Do I Want This?

By default, Runit assigns returned inventory to Runit's internal webstore. This means that your Runit installation will count that inventory as existing in a store that doesn't really exist, rather than wherever it actually is. While this won't necessarily hurt anything, it will mean that your inventory totals won't be accurate. You can reassign inventory from this webstore to wherever the inventory is physically located, but that's an extra hassle. 

To prevent that, we can assign a default location for returned inventory to be assigned to. So if your returns always go to a specific place like a warehouse or store, the inventory totals will be accurately tracked to those locations. This is particularly helpful if you operate out of only one building.

Store Number

The "Store Number" value we're referring to is the number the store correlates to in Runit. This should be easily identifiable from Runit, but if you're not sure we recommend either contacting us or talking to your IT professional. You can enter this store number in the onboarding task page, in the form attached to this step. 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch with your Project Manager using the messaging feature in the Onboarding Center.