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Using SellOnWeb


Many POS systems use a unique flag to control which data should be sent to an ecommerce platform. Runit uses "SellOnWeb" to indicate the products in your system that you want to be sold on the web. We ask that you enable & use SellOnWeb so that when Runit sends us your product data, only the relevant information crosses the divide. This article will briefly go over what SellOnWeb does, and what we need from you.


SellOnWeb is the flag used to indicate which products you want sold on your website. Depending on how you utilize your Runit installation, you may already have SellOnWeb enabled for the relevant products. If this is the case, great! You've already finished this step in the onboarding process.

Not having SellOnWeb in place means that when Modern Retail goes to collect your product data for the Integration, we'll end up pulling all of your data, rather than just the relevant products. This often (depending on your business) means receiving vastly more information than we need, and may lead to difficulties or delays with keeping your product catalog up to date. 

It's for this reason that we highly recommend using SellOnWeb. If you're unsure of the best way to go about this, get in touch with Runit support to help with setting up SellOnWeb. If this doesn't seem like a possibility, you can get in touch with your Modern Retail project manager to discuss alternative solutions.