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Bundled Products in BigCommerce


BigCommerce does not natively support bundled products, also known as "kits" or "sales kits". Bundled products allow retailers to sell a group of products together, usually at a discount.  For example, you might sell the following items together:

  • Kayak = $1,000
  • Lifejacket = $200
  • Paddle = $150
  • Helmet = $50

Purchasing these items ordinarily would cost $1,400. However if you were to sell them as a bundled product, you could sell them at a discount, perhaps $1,200, to incentivize larger purchases.

While BigCommerce does not support bundled products by default, Modern Retail has developed a feature to get around this. In short: We can make bundled products in Big Commerce.

Bundled Products Feature

Creating Bundled Products

In order to create a bundled product, head to the Products menu in the Modern Retail Admin Panel. Click on the Bundled Products item there, and you'll be taken to the page below. From there, here are the steps for creating a new bundled product:

  1. Enter in the Name of the bundled product. (you can change it later in BigCommerce).
  2. The Price of all the products in the bundle (you can also set a Sale Price).
  3. Add or Remove the products you'd like in the bundle.
  4. Hit Save when done!


Edit Product in BigCommerce 

Modern Retail's BigCommerce integration will take the information you just entered in the Admin Panel and create the bundled product for you in the BigCommerce backend. Just like any other product we create for you, you can edit the product name, description, upload images, set the category, etc. in BigCommerce.


Any edits you make to the product in BigCommerce will show up on your website, except for any changes made to inventory and price. 


Inventory & Pricing

As discussed above, there are two pieces of information that are not edited in BigCommerce: inventory and pricing.  Inventory is dictated by the items in the bundle, which comes from your point of sale system.  Meaning, if one of the items in the bundle goes out of stock, then the quantity on hand will go to zero and be removed from the website. If this is an issue, you can always override the inventory by unchecking the Track inventory feature in BigCommerce.


Pricing of the bundled products is set in Modern Retail's Admin Panel.  Notice you can set both a standard Priced and a Sale Price, with start and end dates for the sale.



The only thing to configure on bundled products is the prefix.  Clicking on Auto Generated Prefix in the Admin Panel Products menu allows you to enter the name of the prefix that will be used with your bundled products.


This prefix will be used to populate the SKU in BigCommerce.  As you can see, the SKU includes the prefix you set in the Auto Generation Prefix page, a dash, and the number of the bundle, which increases with every bundle you create.



Currently this feature only works with non-gridded items. Meaning we do not support product variants with bundled products.  Using our earlier example, we could not support the helmet if it came in small, medium, and large sizes.

Implementing Bundles

All you need to do to put this into place is ask for this feature by creating a support request in the Admin Panel. We're happy to give you this feature at no additional cost.