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Creating New Bundled Products


Depending on which tier of integration you've purchased, you may have the ability to create bundled products. Bundled products are a useful way to group multiple products together for sales or special opportunities. This article will go over how you can create new bundled products.

Creating a Bundled Product

If your integration allows you to make bundled products, you'll have a Bundled Products option underneath Products in the Admin Panel sidebar, pictured below.


Clicking on this will bring you to the Bundled Products page. You'll see a list of all your existing bundled products, as well as a New+ button for creating new bundled products.



Clicking on the New button will bring you to this page for making new bundles:


The top third of the screen is dedicated to setting the information for the new bundled product. Enter the Name, Price, and if applicable the sale price and sale dates.

Below this, under Products in Bundle you'll see a list of any products already in the bundle, along with some of their relevant information. If products are already in the bundle, you'll be able to remove them by clicking on the Remove button in the row of that product.


Lastly, All Products will show a list of all your products.


Just like other product lists in the Admin Panel, you can use the text boxes at the top of each column to sort through your product list. Click on the Add button in the leftmost column to add each product you want to the bundle. When you're done, scroll back up to the Products in Bundle section and click Save to save your new bundle.

If you have any questions about bundled products, or if you'd like to add this feature to your integration, please don't hesitate to submit a support request.