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Order Location, Register, and Drawer


A common concern for businesses with both online and physical locations is the ability to distinguish between physical orders and digital ones. This article will briefly cover how Counterpoint handles this dilemma, so you'll always know where your orders are coming from.

Location, Register, and Drawer

Counterpoint attaches three qualities to orders: Location, Register, and Drawer. Theoretically these are all exactly what they sound like: The location is the location where the order was placed, the register is the actual register the customer paid at, and the drawer is the employee working that register. Online orders don't have a physical register or drawer, of course, but you can still mark orders coming from your website with a custom Location, Register, or Drawer.

With this in mind, it's easy to make sure that all your online orders are marked as such. If you have additional questions about how the Location, Register, and Drawer work in Counterpoint, please let us know with a support request.