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Ship From Warehouse


Ship From Warehouse is one of the many ways we can help optimize the ecommerce presence of our B2B clients. This article will briefly go over what Ship From Warehouse is, and what you can expect from this feature.

What is Ship From Warehouse?

Ship From Warehouse is like an upgraded version of our Ship From Store feature. It allows orders from your online store to be fulfilled by your facilities via logic that you can define, using our flexible Rules system. With Ship From Warehouse you can make sure that orders are always routed through the facility closest to the customer, or set up rules defining inventory from different locations.

Where Can I Access Ship From Warehouse?

If you have Ship From Warehouse enabled, you can access your Ship From Warehouse settings from the Shipping tab in the Admin Panel. You can learn more about our Ship From Store and Ship From Warehouse features from the Ship From Store section of our help center, linked here.

If you have additional questions about Ship From Warehouse, or if you want to upgrade your plan so you can access this feature, please submit a support request.