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Database Information


During the initial setup of our Integrator, we'll ask you for a whole host of information about your CounterPoint installation. While we recommend that you get in touch with your Counterpoint reseller to assist in filling this information out, this article will have some tips about how to fill this out quickly, so we can get things rolling as soon as possible.

Counterpoint Database Information

The first thing we'll ask you to fill out is a list of basic information about your Counterpoint installation.


The first four fields are all pretty simple: The name of your Counterpoint database, the username and password used to log into that database, and the name of the network the MSQL server your Counterpoint database is located on. We need all this information to be very exact, so if you're not sure about something we highly recommend getting in touch with either your Counterpoint reseller or IT professional.

The last field on this page is the Counterpoint Inventory Location field. Here you should list your inventory locations as they're listed in Counterpoint; the first location you list will be considered your primary inventory, and every location after that will be used as a secondary location.

If you have any additional questions about how to fill this out, please get in touch with your Counterpoint reseller, an IT Professional, or your Modern Retail project manager.