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Rules in Ship From Store


The "Rules" system is the backbone of how ship from store (and other alternative shipping options) works. Rules are things you set to decide which shipping options are available for specific products, locations, and destinations. This article will show you where you can see the Rules pages in the Admin Panel, and point you towards resources for learning how to use each of them.

Where Can I Find Rules?

You can find, create, and edit rules primarily from the Shipping section in the Admin Panel. 


Where Can I Learn About Rules?

For the purpose of Ship From Store, the three pages highlighted above are where you create new rules or edit existing rules. The Delivery Options page is where you can set rules governing which delivery options are available for which products and locations. The Locations page lets you set rules governing where orders are shipped from, and the Shipping Providers page lets you set rules deciding who ships what orders. You can learn more about the Delivery Options page here, the Locations page here, and the Shipping Providers page here.

If you have further questions about Ship From Store, please don't hesitate to submit a support request.