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Contract Pricing


Contract pricing is a handy feature that allows you to optimize your prices for individual clients. This article will briefly explain what our Contract Pricing feature is, and what you can do with it.

What is Contract Pricing?

Some businesses offer special rates for special clients. Our Contract Pricing feature allows you to offer those rates to your clients digitally, instead of solely in person. With Contract Pricing enabled, you can offer your best deals to your best clients, no matter where or when they want to place their orders.

How Does Contract Pricing Work?

Contract Pricing works by getting real-time pricing from your POS or ERP system to show individual clients their individual prices. Any time a preferred client is logged in, they'll see the prices you've set for them; and we work with you to make sure that this doesn't place any undue strain on your ERP system.

If you have questions about Contract Pricing, or want this feature enabled for your integration, please get in touch with us via a support request.