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What is the Loyalty Integration?


Loyalty programs are a popular way to incentivize sales on your website. Modern Retail's loyalty integration lets your customers sign up for your loyalty program, and use loyalty points towards discounts on future purchases. This article will discuss how Loyalty programs work, which POS systems support them, and what you can see from the Admin Panel.

Can I Use Your Loyalty Integration?

Currently the only POS system the loyalty integration works with is Epicor Eagle. There are plans underway to extend this to other POS/ERP systems, however, so keep an eye out if you use a different system.

What Can I Do With the Loyalty Integration?

The main feature of the loyalty integration is storing loyalty points in the Admin Panel, and tying those points to a customer's email. Customers can then use those loyalty points towards discounts on future orders (the value of these points is determined in the POS system, not in the Admin Panel). Having a loyalty program on your site can help encourage larger initial purchases, as well as increase the likelihood of repeat customers.

If you want to set up the Loyalty Integration for your site, or if you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to submit a support request.