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Errors With Special Pricing


Recent updates to Magento (v2.3.4) have introduced a potential error with updating special prices and special dates. This article will go into how you'll know if this error is occurring, and what you can do about it.

Is This Affecting Me?

You'll know if this issue is affecting you if updates to your special prices aren't going live on your site. The price will look correct in the Admin Panel, but this won't be reflected on your website. You can check this by going to Products in the Admin Panel sidebar, and then either looking at the List page or by going to the Search page and searching for a specific product. 


From there, look at the POS Price and Web Price columns. Compare these numbers to what's displaying on your website; if your site doesn't have the same price as the Admin Panel, then it's likely you're facing this error.


What Can I Do?

If you believe you're facing this issue, please contact us via a support request. Our support team will shortly get in touch, and soon we'll have a developer on your case in order to fix the issue.