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Locations and Shipping Rules


Depending on how you ship your products, you may have to interact with shipping rules. Rules are used to determine things like shipping prices, shipping providers, and shipping options based on what product is being shipped, where the customer wants their order shipped to, or what store the product is being shipped from. This article will cover what rules you can create in the Locations page under Shipping in the Admin panel.

Please note that depending on which features you've purchased for your integration, (Local Delivery, In-Store Pickup, Ship from Store, etc.) you may not have all of the options you see in the article below.

Finding Locations

You can find the Locations page underneath Shipping in the admin panel sidebar.



The Locations page is where you can determine rules for where orders get shipped from. When you first click on it, it should look something like this:


Like with other rules pages, you can either click on Add New Rule to create a new rule, or click on the Edit button on the right side of an existing rule to edit something already in effect. In either case, you'll see a window roughly like this:



The Type of Rule dropdown decides if this rule applies to orders where all items are available in the relevant locations, or orders where only some items are available. So, for example, if a customer ordered a blanket, a potted plant, and a rug, but only the blanket and rug were available at the relevant location(s), that would be an order where items are partially available.

Below the dropdown you should see a list of your locations. Click on the checkbox next to the locations you want the rule to apply to. If you check multiple boxes, a new option will pop up, like so:



Under Ship From you can pick between Any Warehouse and Closest to Customer

Lastly, the text box at the bottom allows you to add additional areas to the rule; the dropdown on the left lets you choose between adding locations by ZIP code or by state.

So, for an example rule, let's say you wanted to make sure that orders involving inventory from Los Angeles and New York always ship from the location closest to the client. You would select Some Items in the top dropdown, Los Angeles and New York from Select LocationsClosest to Customer under Ship From, and hit save.

If this is still confusing, always feel free to submit a support request.