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Loyalty in the Admin Panel


Once you've gotten the Loyalty Integration installed, you can then manage parts of the integration from the Admin Panel. This article will explain what you can see and do in the Admin Panel, as it pertains to the loyalty integration.

Where Can I Find the Loyalty Integration?

You can find the Loyalty Integration pages underneath the Loyalty option in the admin panel sidebar.



The Available page displays information about every loyalty account on your site. 


The Loyalty Number column displays that customers' unique loyalty ID. The Email column displays the customer email; this is what their loyalty points are tied to. The Value column shows how many loyalty points are tied to that account. The Date Entered column displays when that loyalty account first entered the system. The Date Modified column shows the date from the last time the customer gained or used loyalty points. Finally, the IsDisabled column shows if the loyalty account has been disabled.


The Search page is where you can search for a specific account.


The easiest way to find a specific account is to search for the Email associated with it. Once you've searched for the appropriate account, its information will show up at the bottom, under Available

If you have any additional questions about the Loyalty Integration, please feel free to submit a support request.