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Shipping Rules: Shipping Providers


Depending on how you ship your products, you may have to interact with shipping rules. Rules are used to determine things like shipping prices, shipping providers, and shipping options based on what product is being shipped, where the customer wants their order shipped to, or what store the product is being shipped from. This article will cover what rules you can create in the Shipping Providers page.

Please note that depending on which features you've purchased for your integration, (Local Delivery, In-Store Pickup, Ship from Store, etc.) you may not have all of the options you see in the article below. 

Finding Shipping Providers

You can find the Shipping Providers page underneath Shipping in the Admin Panel sidebar.


Shipping Providers

The shipping providers page is where you can create rules governing which orders get shipped by which shipping providers. Depending on your integration and who you've contracted as your shipping provider, this could cover things like Local Delivery, or third party services like ShipStation or Roadie.

If you click on Shipping Providers, you'll be taken to a screen like this:


You'll see a list of any existing shipping provider rules, and an Add New Rule button. Clicking on the Add New Rule button, or the Edit button on the right side of an existing rule will show you a window like this one:


The top text box is where you can enter the product, or products, you want this rule to apply to. The dropdown to the left of the text box lets you choose if you want to identify products by their SKUs or their TAGs. Additionally, you can simply type "*" if you want the rule to apply to all your products. 

Under What Location? you can select which locations you want the rule to apply to. You can select just one, or several locations, depending on your needs.

Where is Customer? is where you indicate which delivery locations you want the rule to apply to. You can do this by ZIP code, or if you click on the dropdown to the left of the textbox, you can choose to pick entire states.

Shipping Provider is where you select who will ship the selected products from the selected locations going to the selected ZIP codes/states. 

So, for example, let's say you wanted to make sure that whenever a customer from Minnesota orders a lamp from your Minneapolis location, it gets shipped by local delivery. You'd enter your lamp SKUs or TAGs in the What Product? textbox, select your Minneapolis location from the What Location? list, change the dropdown under Where is Customer? to STATE, enter MN in that textbox, and then select your local delivery shipping option under Shipping Provider. From there, simply hit Save and then Apply Rules and you're done!

If you have any questions, or if this is still confusing, please feel free to submit a support request.