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Item Level Pricing


Certain versions of BigCommerice (specifically v3) have a feature called Item Level Pricing. This article will explain what Item Level Pricing is, and why you may not currently have it.

What's Item Level Pricing?

Item Level Pricing allows you to price product variants different from each other. So, for example, if you were selling coats in different sizes and styles, you could charge more for a Large Grey Coat or less for a Small Purple coat. This can be particularly useful for clothing, or products where one style is more expensive than another, despite being fundamentally the same product.

Do I Have Item Level Pricing?

Currently, Item Level pricing is available on BigCommerce V3 in our integration by request. If you have BigCommerce V2 but still need Item Level Pricing, you can implement it using BigCommerce's price rules feature. 

While there are ways to make item level pricing in BigCommerce V2 work, it's much easier in V3. There are a few ways you can tell which version of BigCommerce you're using; let's look at some screenshots.


This is BigCommerce V2. Note that product variations are called "SKUs" here, and that the different menus are lined up at the top of the screen.


This is BigCommerce V3. Here product variations are called "variations" and not "SKUs". All the menus are on the left side of the screen, rather than up above, and they're organized differently, and the Product Options screen looks different.

Please note that pricing should be adjusted in your POS system, not in BigCommerce.

If you're still unsure which version of BigCommerce you have, or if you have additional questions about Item Level Pricing, please feel free to submit a support request.