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Miscellaneous Settings


The settings page in the Admin Panel presents a variety of options for personalizing and refining your ecommerce experience. While each of these options are important, some require more explanation than others. This article will go over some of the simpler settings.


Time Format

The Time Format page allows you to pick between the 12 hour and 24 hour (aka "Military Time") clocks. This affects how timestamps are presented throughout the admin panel, and can be changed at any time.timeformat.png

This is internal only, and will not affect things on your customer-facing site. This can be changed at any time by visiting the Time Format page, picking your preferred setting, and clicking Save


The currency page allows you to change which currency displays in the admin panel. We recommend using whichever your primary currency is.


Select whichever currency you prefer, and hit Save. This can be changed at any time.


Lastly, the Accountant section allows you to select which of your employees/users is your accountant. Pick the correct person from the list of employees, and then hit Save.

If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to submit a support request.