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Email Configuration


The settings tab also allows you to customize the emails your store sends out automatically. The Email Configuration page is the first step to making sure your emails are going out correctly; this article will give you the rundown on how to configure your email system.

Email Configuration

This is the Email Configuration page: 


The first two fields should have your business name, and the email address used to interact with customers. The Service dropdown has two options: Mandrill and SendGrid. These are the two services Modern Retail works with for sending emails. Whichever service you choose to use, the last field will be for the API Key. You should get this from whichever service you're using, Mandrill or SendGrid. 

Below these fields you'll see an option to choose a file for your logo image.


If you have any additional questions about how to set up the Email Configuration page, don't hesitate to send a support request.