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Credit Card Processing Extensions


In order for your WooCommerce site to accept Credit Card payments, you'll need an extension to handle creating the invoices so the payments are processed correctly. In this article, we'll go over two extensions: One that works, and one that doesn't.

What Should I use?

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We recommend using SkyVerge's extension.

Why? Put simply, it works! While it does have an annual fee, WooCommerce's extension processes your payments flawlessly, without reason for complaint. Some of the notable features include enhanced Mobile Checkout (so people can make orders easily from a mobile device), Seamless checkout (meaning they stay on your site through the entire process, giving you complete control), and additional security features to make sure nothing goes wrong.

What Should I Avoid?

Well, ideally you should avoid any extension save for the above, but there's a specific option we see often that we feel clients should avoid. This extension, "Authorize.Net CIM for WooCommerce", will not work with your integration. 

Authorize.Net CIM doesn't work because it won't send the invoice for credit card payments to your POS or ERP system. In plain terms, it won't send us the information we need to send out the order.

If you have any questions about these, or other WooCommerce extensions, please don't hesitate to submit a support request.