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Fulfilling Orders with Local Delivery


In order to use Local Delivery, someone has to manually process Local Delivery orders in the Admin Panel. This article will walk you through each step of this process, so you can easily fulfill any Local Delivery order you receive.

Fulfilling Orders

First, go to the Orders page under the Local Delivery menu in the Admin Panel. This can be found in the bar on the left of the Admin Panel, pictured below.


This Orders page is where you can see any Local Delivery order made on your site. You can sort through orders using the search fields at the top of each column. 


Orders are marked as New, ProcessingOut for DeliveryCompleted, or Cancelled. If you want to fulfill a bunch of orders in a row, you can use the Status dropdown to only see orders that haven't been completed, like so:


Check the boxes next to the statuses you want to see, and then hit Apply

Once you've found the order you want to fulfill, click on the Order Number, situated in the column between Status and #ID. This will open up a window showing information for only that order.


In order to fulfill this order, go to the button in the bottom left marked Change Status to Processing. Clicking on this button will push the product from New to the next status in line, Processing. If you want to skip to Out for Delivery or Completed, you can click on the arrow on the right side of the button to choose what status you want to set the order to.

As long as the box to the left of this button is checked, an email will be sent to the customer whenever the status for an order is changed. 

Once you've set the order to Processing, you'll be able to return to this window and press the same button to change the status to Out for Delivery.


As you can see, after changing an order to Processing the bar in the top right begins to fill, and the button in the bottom left changes. Once you've pushed an order out for delivery, simply click the Change Status to Out For Delivery button, or use the drop down on the right side of the button to skip a step.

Repeat this process when the order has been delivered in order to mark it as Completed. As with earlier, the customer will receive an email along each step of this process if the Send email to... box is checked.

If you have any further questions, please submit a support request.