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2.7.0 - In Store Pickup and Local Delivery

June 5th, 2020

This morning we rolled out an update with some new features, and some improvements to our existing features. You don't need to do anything to receive this update; by the time you're reading this, it should already be set up.

In-Store Pickup v2 for BigCommerce

In-Store Pickup v2 is now available for BigCommerce! In-Store Pickup v2 has too many improvements over v1 to list here; get in touch with a support request to learn more. In-Store Pickup v2 is planned to release on other platforms soon; keep an eye out for WooCommerce next!

Improvements to In-Store Pickup v1

v2 isn't the only thing getting love! We've made some improvements to In-Store Pickup v1 as well. In addition to miscellaneous bugfixes and improvements we've also added the ability to transfer orders between stores, and the ability to print pick lists. This should make it far easier to use In-Store Pickup to manage your delivery needs!

Uploading Email Logos

Update 2.7.0 has also made it possible for you to upload logos for all email templates! Previously, only developers could upload logos for email templates, but now anyone with the proper permissions can.

API Credentials Management

Lastly, we've improved how our system handles credentials used for interacting with third parties. This should make it easier for you to work with third party services like ShipStation or Roadie!