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Types of Admin Panel Users


An important feature of the Admin Panel is the ability to control who has access to which features. This is done by having 4 main types of user: Owner, Administrator, User, and Store Pickup Staff. This article will cover how to assign these types, and what the differences between them are.

Assigning Roles

You can assign users from the Add User page under Users in the Admin Panel sidebar. 


Selecting Employee on this page will display the following options:


From here, simply select which role you'd like to assign, and then enter the email, first name, and last name of the person in question. Finally, hit Save; at this point an email will be sent to the address you entered in the Email field. In order to be registered in the Admin Panel, the recipient will have to accept this invitation.

Differences Between Roles

Administrator & Owner

The Administrator and Owner roles are functionally very similar. Both are able to access any part of the Admin Panel, add new users, and make changes as they see fit. The main difference between the two is that when it comes to creating or removing users, owners have more power than administrators. An owner could revoke an administrator's access, or create new owners, while an administrator cannot.


Users in the Admin Panel have limited access compared to administrators and owners. Users are unable to add or remove other users, and do not have access to other parts of the admin panel. Below is a comparison between what administrators/owners and users can see:adminsideboard.png usersideboard.png

Depending on your integration, you may not have some of the features on the left (In-Store Pickup and Local Delivery specifically), but in either case users will still only have access to the pages shown on the right.

Store Pickup Staff

The Store Pickup Staff role is only necessary if you use the In-Store Pickup feature. Store Pickup Staff only have access to the orders placed for the store they're assigned to, so they can fulfill those orders. You can read more about In-Store Pickup here.