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Allowing Backorder in Magento


Occasionally there are products that you do not want to be inventory managed.  You can "allow backorder" for these items in Magento so that regardless of the quantity on hand, the product will always be available for purchase.  This help page will show you how to allow backorder for products.

Allowing Backorder

Allowing Backorder must be done at the item level, or simple product, level in Magento.  

  1. To begin, log into Magento and select Catalog.
  2. Select Products from the catalog menu.
  3. Search for the product you'd like to allow backorder for.
  4. From the product dashboard, select Edit, or click on the product to open it for editing.
  5. Scroll until you see the Quantity field, and then click on Advanced Inventory under the Quantity Field.
  6.  On the next screen, scroll until you see the Backorders dropdown.  It will be grayed out.
  7.  Uncheck the Use Config Settings box. Backorders will no longer be grayed out, and you can select options from the dropdown.
  8. From the Backorders dropdown select the option you'd like to offer:
  9. Click Done in the upper right corner after making your selection. You'll be taken to the main editing screen for this product.
  10. Select Save on the main screen.

As always, if you need any help or have questions please open a Support Ticket and we'll take a look!