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State & Province Mapping in Counterpoint


Do you remember your state abbreviations from grade school?  I remember most, but always need to look up Massachusetts and Maryland, I never can remember which is which!

The integration between your website and Counterpoint has a similar problem, because some ecommerce platforms deal with the full state name, while Counterpoint stores just the state abbreviation.

This article discusses what happens when our Counterpoint Integrator receives the full US state or Canadian province name.


US States & Canada Provinces Mapping

Just like in grade school, our Counterpoint Integrator has remembered the abbreviations for every US state and each Canadian province, so it can convert them on the fly when the records are being inserted into Counterpoint.  That's right! If we receive "Tennessee", we'll automatically convert it and insert "TN" into Counterpoint.

This works for both the United States and Canada.  We don't do any sort of conversion for areas beisdes the United States or Canada.


While you can talk to your project manager to disable this feature during the onboarding process, nearly every customer has elected to keep it enabled.

Please create a support request in the Admin Panel if you have any questions.  Thank you.