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Counterpoint Miscellaneous Charges


Counterpoint has Misc Charge 1 through Misc Charge 5.  Are we forced to use Misc Charge 1, or can we use one of the other miscellaneous charges?  I want to make sure my shipping charges are assigned correctly.  Thank you!


The simple answer is you can use any of those miscellaneous charges in Counteroint for shipping:  Misc Charge 1, Misc Charge 2, Misc Charge 3, Misc Charge 4 or Misc Charge 5.  Simply make sure the Use for freight checkbox is checked in Counterpoint for the Misc Charge you'd like to use.


Checking Use for freight in Counterpoint will automatically update Modern Retail's Counterpoint Integrator to match these settings.


Please read Counterpoint Integrator - Screen by Screen for a complete description of all the settings in the Integrator.

Please let us know if you need anything else by submitting a support request in the Admin Panel