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Manually Sending Orders to the API


In general the Modern Retail Integrator will automatically pick up your orders, invoices, shipments, and returns via our API, however there may be times when you need to manually "force" an order to the Admin panel. This article will tell you how to do that by sending orders manually to the API.

Manually Sending Orders to the API

The steps outlined below will show you how to select an order and manually send it to the API so that the order appears in our Admin Panel.

  1. Log into Magento, go to the Sales tab, and go to Orders from there.
  2. From the main orders dashboard, select the order you'd like to manually send to the API by checking the box in the first column, as noted below:
  3.  From the Actions drop-down, select Send to MR API.
  4.  A window will open asking you to verify that you want to send the order to the MR API.  Select "OK".

Your order(s) should appear in the Modern Retail Admin Panel within a few minutes of sending them.

These steps may be repeated as needed to send orders or shipments to the API.  Simply follow the steps above.

Typically, the Integrator will pick up your orders, invoices, shipments and returns within a few minutes of creation, if you find you have to manually send these items to the API often, please contact Support.