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BigCommerce Option Name & Option Order


This article talks about editing option names for products created in BigCommerce. It discusses what fields can be safely changed, and which fields must stay the same for the system to function.  

Option Name

Once a product is created in BigCommerce, you can edit anything except the SKU. The SKU (the product SKU on simple products, or the item level SKU on variations) is the value that provides the connection.

It will not matter if you change the spelling of the option values in BigCommerce, as long as the SKU does not change.

Option Order

The integration will send over exactly what the CounterPoint integrator provides. There is no ordinal information provided to determine the order that options should be defined as, so at present, they are created in the order received from the POS. But once they are in BigCommerce you can rearrange the order.

Here's an example for clarity.

If the item SKU is "1234|BLK|S", then the integration created this item with option values "BLK" and "S" in BigCommerce.

You can change these option values in BigCommerce to read "Black" and "Small" if you want to, as long as the item SKU that uses these values remains "1234|BLK|S".

You can change the display order for these options in BigCommerce, once again as long as the item SKU that uses these values remains "1234|BLK|S".