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Version Numbers


git-version-control.pngModern Retail writes a ton of software!  Keeping track of the changes to this software, and more importantly, our customers informed of these changes is a pretty large undertaking.  Luckily, we use a type of version control software called "Git" to help us manage everything.  However, this means nothing to you when looking at the version number of our software.  This article explains how Modern Retail comes up with the numbering for our various pieces of software. 

Numbering Scheme

Modern Retail version numbers of the software we create follow this numbering scheme:

  • X.Y.Z
    • Where:
      • X = Major Features, Changes & Improvements
      • Y = Minor Features, Changes & Improvements
      • Z = Bug Fixes

Deciding what constitutes a Major Feature (X) or change and a minor one (Y) can be a little arbitrary, however  Modern Retail assigns far more minor feature numbers vs. major ones, which are reserved for larger changes and improvements.  Typically, you will get a notice via email or a notification in the Admin Panel whenever a major or minor feature is released.  Bug changes and fixes (Z) also get a number, and every change is documented.

Release Notes

Modern Retail writes Release Notes for every change or modification made to our software.  Very often you'll find both the Version Number and link to the Release Notes directly within the application.  For example, you'll find this information in the footer of our Admin Panel.


Clicking on the Release Notes link allows you to see every change made to the Admin Panel.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions by submitting a support request in the Admin Panel.  Thank you.