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2.4.38 - Automatic Updates & Inventory by Location

July 9, 2017

Today we very excited to be rolling out the latest version of our CounterPoint Integrator that does Automatic Updates!  To say we're excited about this new feature is an understatement!  Automatic Updates ensures Modern Retail's Integrator running on your CounterPoint server is always up-to-date!  Never again will you need to worry about downloading and install the latest version.  Instead, the Integrator will automatically know when a new version is available and will download and install it without any intervention from you!  Pretty amazing!

Additionally, we have rolled out a new feature that sends inventory from your multiple locations to our Integration Middleware.  This is getting us ready to support features we know will be coming down the road like in-store pickup.

Here's a complete log of the items added and changed in the CounterPoint Integrator with this release:

  • Added
    • Inventory By Location - Send middle-ware inventory quantity available values by inventory location.
    • Setup Misc. Charge - Select Misc. Charge 1 through 5 for shipping charges
    • Setup SMTP - Support for email notification for failed or successful web store order import.
    • Auto Update - MRCPIAPUDR Windows service periodically checks for software updates and installs new releases.
    • Remote Configuration - Remote configuration changes can now be pushed down to Integrator.
    • New Orders - PSOLIDUS - Added error checking for creditCardType string
    • New Orders - PSOLIDUS - Now inserts a PS_DOC_HDR PROF record for every order
  • Changed
    • TransactionID/OrderID - Import order feature now uses OrderId instead of TransactionID in all logging, Orders with Errors dropdown list and SMTP email.
      PlannedPromotions - Future Planned Promotions not being sent to middle-ware. Logic modified to corrected to send Future Planned Promotions.

If you have any questions about this release please let us know by submitting a support request in the Admin Panel.  Thank you.