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Counterpoint Item Number, No Limitations


I used to use a competing product and had a heck of a time with my Counterpoint Item Numbers.  I know we probably shouldn't be using spaces and special characters for Counterpoint Item Numbers but what can I say, we are!  This practice supersedes me by like 10 years so I'm sort of stuck with it!  

Will these crazy characters in the Counterpoint Item Numbers cause problems with your integration?


You can put anything you'd like in the Counterpoint Item number field.   Yes, we did have this problem back in 2010, but our integration has evolved so much that this hasn't been a problem for a very long time.  Just to be safe, we did ask the developers if there are any special characters someone could type in this Item number field that would cause problems.  They said this field is encoded, allowing you to put whatever you'd like in it, including specials characters like: ", ', #, *, !, (, ), ;, :, @, ~, etc.  


Please let us know if you need anything else. by submitting a support request via the Admin Panel. Thanks!