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"Standard" Counterpoint vs Counterpoint Multi-Site


Do you support only the standard version of Counterpoint or do you also support Counterpoint Multi-site?  My business is a little unique and my reseller has set up Counterpoint Multi-Site, which I'd like to keep.  I'd like to use your in-store pickup and ship from store features but I need to be sure they work with Multisite.  Thank you.


Yes, we can work with both the standard version of Counterpoint, as well as, Counterpoint Multi-Site.  Modern Retail will need to install our Counterpoint Integrator on the main Hub and additional Integrators at any location that needs to receive orders.  For example, if you have 10 stores, we'd need to install:

  • An Integrator on your main Counterpoint Hub.
  • Each of the 10 store locations.

Modern Retail's Integrator is software that sends data back and forth between Counterpoint and our Integration Middleware, and hence, your website.  In the example above, we would need to install 11 Integrators in total.

What data gets sent back and forth depends if we're talking about the Hub or one of the Stores:

  • Hub
    • The Hub is responsible for sending all product data and updates.  It also sends gift card information, customer information, order and payment information, if you have these features enabled for your account.
  • Stores
    • The individual locations need an Integrator so they can receive orders (Tickets) for their particular store.  This is how features like in-store pickup and local delivery work, the order (Ticket) automatically goes to the correct location based on which store sold the goods.

Because we have additional Integrators to install for each of your locations, and additional setup in our Integration Middleware to support Counterpoint Multi-Site, there's an extra charge based on your number of locations.  Please speak with your Modern Retail sales rep for more information around the pricing for Counterpoint Multi-Site.  Thank you.