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Inventory by Location


Inventory by Location is a term Modern Retail uses to explain sending inventory from your various locations to your website.  To be completely accurate, inventory flows from Counterpoint, to Modern Retail's Integration Middleware, to your website.  Being able to send inventory for your separate locations to your website makes things like in-store pickup, local delivery, and Ship from Store possible.


Ecommerce Platform Support


Currently, the only platform that natively supports Inventory by Location is Shopify.  Shopify allows us to send inventory for your various locations to your website.  It's important to note that Shopify stores this inventory and pricing information directly in their database, making it easier for you to display and use on your website.  Additionally, this Inventory by Location data is now available to 3rd party extension providers, allowing them to support all sorts of interesting features like in-store pickup and local delivery.

BigCommerce, WooCommerce & Magento

As of this writing, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and Magento do not support Inventory by Location.  However, using Modern Retail's technology and services, we can provide in-store pickup and local delivery features to these platforms!  For more information please read our Solutions.

Enabling Inventory by Location

Enabling Inventory by Location in Counterpoint must be done by Modern Retail.  Most of the time this is done during our onboarding process, and you never need to change the setting.  However, if you're looking to move to inventory by location, or need features like in-store pickup, local delivery or ship from store, please let us know by submitting a support request in the Admin Panel.  Thank you.