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Magento 2 Product Fast-Track


Fast-Track is a feature for Magento 2 that instantaneously adds new products to your website from Counterpoint.  This is useful for when you require new products to show up in the backend of Magento within seconds of marking them in Counterpoint.

Setting Fast-Track Products

Simply checking the New checkbox in Counterpoint will mark the product as a Fast-Track item.  That's it!  Moments after you check this box you'll notice the product will be newly created in Magento.  You'll notice this New checkbox will be unchecked when you return to this same product later, signifying the product has been fast-tracked to Magento.


Enabling Fast-Track

Fast-Track can only be enabled by Modern Retail.  Please submit a support request in the Admin Panel if you would like to use this feature with your Magento 2 website.